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What If I’m Asked About… Lent




Sadlier offers an online feature for adolescent students using the We Live Our Faith and Vivimos nuestra fe catechetical programs called “What If I’m Asked About…?” This feature allows students to ask a Master Catechist questions about our Catholic faith. In return, this feature provides explanations, empowering young people explain or what they believe as Catholics.

Read all about Lent, in English or Spanish, as part of this digital feature for junior high school students.


Empower junior high school students with an explanation of Lent in English or Spanish.









Personalize and send an eCard to a friend or family member for Valentines Day! This holiday presents an opportunity to celebrate the way we love and care for the special people in our lives.


Personalize an eCard to send as a Valentine!






Mentor Moments: A program to use in your school or parish!



Mentoring programs offer both mentors and mentees the opportunity to learn and grow. Mentor Moments is a mentoring program perfect for use at home or in the school or parish, designed for junior high school students to act as mentors to younger students or siblings.

When junior high school students mentor these students or siblings, they are challenged to really know and share their faith. And the children they mentor are inspired and shown models of discipleship. Mentor Moments encourages evangelization while forging relationships among schoolmates, parish members, and family members.

Each Mentor Moments activity has an easy-to-follow lesson plan as well as a handout. Click here for an activity and handout in English or Spanish.








Extreme Makeover – Catechesis Edition


Sadlier offers a library of catechist development articles, with suggestions for implementation in a religious education class or at home. The summer months often present time for catechist development, training, reflection, or offer time for families to be more introspective.


The National Directory for Catechesis is a rich resource for catechists. In the words of a catechist development article author, “it encourages catechists to employ new methodologies and perspectives. It challenges clergy to see themselves as catechists and bridge the gap between Catholic faith and everyday life in homilies. It prompts all to witness faith and reach out to others as per our baptismal call.”

Download the full article, with simple suggestions for implementation at home or in the school or parish in English or Spanish. Learn more about the National Directory for Catechesis here.








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Preparing for World Youth Day


The countdown has begun for World Youth Day 2013, a special event for Catholic young people from all around the world. Every few years, an international meeting of these young people and the pope is held. The last was in 2011, in Madrid Spain, where more than 190 countries were represented. This July, pilgrims will meet with Pope Francis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s motto: "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28, 19).


Download this exclusive handout with information about World Youth Day to share with the children in your school and parish!

P.S. Check out the YOUCAT, a great resource for young Catholics preparing for World Youth Day, whether they’re attending as pilgrims or being part of the event via the Internet! YOUCAT: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church







Preparing for Summer Catechesis


As the school year comes to a close in early summer, vacation Bible schools, camps, and other parish summer programs are a wonderful opportunity to continue catechesis in the summer months. Did you know that Sadlier’s K-8 catechetical program, We Believe with Project Disciple, can be implemented for summer catechesis?

We Believe Summer School Sessions offer handy Session Planning Guides to navigate through the Catechist Guide to present each grade in a two-week summer program.


Download a sample planning guide in English and access the full menu of Summer School Sessions to plan your summer catechesis!


Download a sample planning guide and  access the full menu of Summer School Sessions!





Gather your school or parish community for a special Go Green! Event


April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated around the world by individuals and communities of people. It is an opportunity to reflect on our wondrous planet and to make choices and take steps to care for the Earth.


Care for our natural environment is an essential element of our faith. Catholic Social Teaching, which calls us to work for justice and peace as Jesus did, includes care for God’s creation as one of its seven themes. Heeding this call means becoming stewards of creation, respecting and protecting the environment for future generations.

As part of Earth Day celebrations this month, gather your school or parish community for a special Go Green! Event. This event will help participants to learn how the call to care for God’s creation is part of Catholic Social Teaching, to expand an understanding of stewardship that includes respect for and protection of the natural environment, and to identify ways to “go green” through the practice of stewardship at home and in collaboration with others.



Download this PowerPoint™ Presentation for everything required to plan and implement an exciting event for participants of all ages.

You can also download a helpful Catechist Development Article entitled “Community Caring for Creation” with suggestions on ways to implement at home and in school. This article was written by Bill Purcell, the Associate Director for Catholic Social Tradition and Practice at the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame.


Download the Go Green! PowerPoint™ Presentation





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Conclave & a prayer for Pope Benedict XVI


On February 11, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would step down on February 28, 2013. This news from the Vatican is likely information that your students know and are curious about, and therefore a wonderful opportunity for conversation. Share with your students the process of conclave, the secret meeting in which the cardinals come together to elect a pope. Read more about electing a new pope in an informative Catechist Development Article by James T. Morgan, Ed.D.

Prayer-For-Pope-Benedict Prayer-For-Pope-Benedict 

Download A Prayer for Pope Benedict prayer cards to share with your students and school or parish community during this time of transition.


Download the  Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI  Prayer Cards!




Making Cross-Curricular Connections


Making connections for students between new and mastered concepts or personal experiences improves retention and enhances learning. This fact also holds true in the Religious Education classroom.

Upper elementary and junior high school content in the We Believe/Creemos and We Live Our Faith/Vivimos nuestra fe program particularly lends itself to a geography connection for older students. As children study the life and teachings of Jesus, there is a natural opportunity to explore the geographic region in the time in which Jesus lived and taught, and today. 

Download a Land of Jesus in New Testament Times map for your students.




Click here to download your FREE Land of Jesus In New Testament Times  maps!








Welcome, Sadlier Program Users


Welcome, Sadlier program users, to this special blog, designed to put innovative and exciting digital program resources at your fingertips.


All of Sadlier’s major catechetical and sacrament programs are supported by robust program web sites with a multitude of digital resources for catechists, students, families, and program directors. These sites are a virtual treasure trove of resources, activities, and enrichments for your program. But here on the blog, we’ll feature those that are most timely and most pertinent, so all you have to do is subscribe to get helpful, just-in-time resources for your Sadlier program delivered directly to you every week.

Plus, you’ll often find some not-to-be-missed resources that you can only access right here!

Our goal at Sadlier is to provide the highest quality catechetical materials and to support you in your catechesis 24-7! So while we encourage you to navigate our amazing web sites to discover all that’s offered, make this blog your first stop for your next Religious Education lesson or meeting.





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