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Stewards of God’s Creation Lesson and Prayer Celebration


01 WBB Stewards Gods Creation Lesson

Catholics are called to be stewards of God’s Creation. Catholic Social Teaching includes care for God’s creation as one of its seven themes. Children love to learn about and care for creation.

Download a colorful Stewards of God’s Creation lesson with a prayer celebration and suggested activities. It also includes “Bright Ideas” for applications beyond the classroom.


Download Your Lesson & Prayer Celebration







DIY: "Up-cycled" Prayer Box Activity for Students



Prayer-StickersWith the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, the spring is an excellent time to encourage students in your Religious Education program to consider stewardship for the environment. One way that school age children can help be stewards of the Earth is by recycling. 

Ask students to bring into class a clean container that they save from home. This might be a shoebox, plastic container, an egg carton, or a tin. Use this container as the basis for an individual prayer box. Supply art materials for students to use to label and decorate their prayer boxes– to decorate their container and “up-cycle” it in to a prayer box. In their boxes, students can collect prayers that they have learned in class, prayers that they themselves have written, prayer intentions, or names of people in need of prayers.

Download stickers (print on full sheets of label paper) here to use as prayer box decorations.


Download Your Sticker Sheet






Canonization: 4 Steps to Becoming A Saint


CanonizationAt the end of April, a single ceremony will take place in Saint Peter’s Square to declare Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II saints. The Vatican plans to live stream this historic event.

What does it take for someone to be named a saint? There are four major steps to canonization.

Download a free classroom handout to teach your students about the steps to sainthood— a perfect resource to celebrate canonizations of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II! For more information about these canonizations, visit this dedicated web site.


Free Canonization Resource







Easter Lesson & Reproducible Activity


Easter-LessonSigns of new life in Christ are around us all year long, but they take on particular meaning during the Easter season.

Download a beautiful lesson with suggested activities and a prayer celebration to share with your students during the Easter season.


Download Your Easter Lesson & Prayer Celebration







Printable Easter Mobile Activity




Make Easter mobiles with the children in your early childhood or primary Religious Education class using this printable handout.

You’ll need to gather a stapler or hole puncher, scissors, string or yarn, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and paste or glue. Have children decorate the parts of the mobile from the printable handout and then cut out the parts of the mobile. Assemble the mobiles using a hole puncher or stapler; attach one end of each piece of string or yarn to the "dot" on the mobile parts "love", "new life" and "Jesus." Staple the other end of each string to the "Easter" part of the mobile!


Download Your Easter Mobile Printable Activity






Applying the Themes of Catholic Social Teaching eBook




Download an exclusive eBook, in English or Spanish, offering ways to learn about Catholic social teaching and how to implement it at home, in the classroom, and in everyday life.


Download in English

Descarga en español








Printable Triduum Activity



Triduum-ActivityThe Triduum includes the three days from Holy Thursday evening until Easter Sunday. We celebrate Christ’s Paschal Mystery of dying and rising to new life during the Easter Triduum These three days are the holiest days of the year.

As children learn that we celebrate the death and Resurrection of Jesus during the Easter Triduum, share a primary printable activity in English or Spanish.


Download a primary Triduum activity in English or Spanish






A Catechist’s Calendar: April Lesson Preparation Planner




Download this helpful, printable calendar to help you organize your Religious Education course for the month of April. Simply download, print, and customize to your unique needs.

To further help with lesson planning, busy catechists can rely on the Catechist Quick Prep—a two-page resource that provides background, an overview, and a step-by-step planning guide for each lesson of We Believe and Creemos.

Check back at the end of April to download your May calendar!


Download Your April Calendar!






What If I’m Asked About… Lent




Sadlier offers an online feature for adolescent students using the We Live Our Faith and Vivimos nuestra fe catechetical programs called “What If I’m Asked About…?” This feature allows students to ask a Master Catechist questions about our Catholic faith. In return, this feature provides explanations, empowering young people explain or what they believe as Catholics.

Read all about Lent, in English or Spanish, as part of this digital feature for junior high school students.


Empower junior high school students with an explanation of Lent in English or Spanish.






An Act of Contrition Prayer Card




The season of Lent is a time of conversion and an opportunity to reflect on ways that we can turn to God with all our hearts. We are encouraged to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance during Lent. 

Download an Act of Contrition prayer card, in English or Spanish, to share with the students in your Religious Education program. Explain that Catholics pray an Act of Contrition to express sorrow for our sins and a promise to try not to sin again. Encourage them to pray this prayer during the season of Lent and in preparation for celebrating the Sacrament of Penance.


Download your Act of Contrition prayer cards!





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