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New Year’s Kit


Ring in the New Year with resources from the Sadlier We Believe Blog. Within a special New Year’s Kit, administrators, catechists, and parents can find resources to help prepare for and celebrate the new calendar year.



The kit includes a Religious Education Resolutions eBook with tips for Parish Catechetical Leaders and catechists, a New Year’s Blessings Prayer Service, a printable New Year’s Activity, and a handy printable 2015 Holy Days of Obligation Calendar for reference throughout the year.







A Celebration of Peace Christmas Prayer Service


The coming of Jesus at Christmas brings light, love, and peace into our lives. Share with students a Celebration of Peace Christmas Prayer Service, including Scripture reflection and a meditation to help students consider the changes Jesus has brought into their lives.

Christmas-Prayer-Service Christmas-Activity


Download your Celebration of Peace Christmas Prayer Service now.







Printable Christmas Activity


As students learn about the Christmas season, offer an opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge with a printable acrostic activity. Download the printable activity in English or Spanish.







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Christmas Story Figures Activity

Whole Community Catechesis for Christmas

Christmas Story Figures Activity


Plan an interactive Christmas activity for primary aged students.

Before class, make play clay using the recipe on the download. Give each child clay  and ask him or her to mold an animal that could be added to the Christmas manger scene. You might want to play Christmas carols as children work.



Let figures dry overnight and when you next meet, help the children to paint the figures. Encourage the children to take the figures home and add them to their Christmas scenes. Then, distribute the Christmas Story Figures Activity. Tell the children to take the sheets home to show the play clay recipe to their families. Explain that the family can work together to make more figures during Christmas time.






Saint Juan Diego Activity


On December 9, the Church celebrates the Feast Day of Saint Juan Diego. During his life, Juan Diego wanted to learn more about his faith. Twice a week, he and his wife walked fourteen miles to Mass and religious instruction. When he traveled, Juan Diego often wore a tilma, a rough cloak made from cloth of woven cactus fibers. The cloak protected him against the cold evenings and early mornings. On December 9, 1531, Juan Diego was on his way to church when he saw a beautiful woman. She was dressed as an Aztec noblewoman. She called him by name and spoke in his own language. The woman told him she was Mary, Mother of Christ, and that she had a special task for him. He was to tell the bishop that she wanted a shrine to be built in that very spot. She wanted to show her “love, compassion, help, and protection” for all the people. 

Saint-Juan Download-Now

Juan Diego thought that the bishop would doubt such a request from a poor man like him, but he did as the Lady asked. The bishop did not believe Juan Diego at first. The bishop asked for a sign from the Lady that she was Mary, the Mother of God. In response to the bishop’s request, the Lady had Juan Diego fill his tilma with roses. Since it was December, it was amazing that these roses were blooming! So Juan Diego presented the roses to the bishop. There, imprinted on the tilma, was a picture of Mary as she had last appeared.

A small chapel was quickly built on the hill where Mary had appeared. The church was dedicated to Mary. Juan Diego lived in a small house nearby for the rest of his life. He cared for the church and those who visited it. He continued to share the story of Mary’s great sign of her love for the people of Mexico and all people.

Download a primary activity to share with children on the Feast Day of Saint Juan Diego.






Celebrating Advent with Junior High School Students Kit


Engage your junior high school students during the season of Advent with an exclusive Advent kit designed especially for students in grades 7 and 8. The kit includes a Celebrating Advent with Junior High School Students eBook, which offers five ideas to inspire students during Advent and includes opportunities for prayer, Scripture reflection, and activities. Use the eBook in conjunction with the Advent Prayer Service and Junior High School Advent Social Media Mini Lesson for season-long inspiration.



Download your Celebrating Advent with Junior High School Students Kit now.







Saint Nicholas Day Prayer Service


The Church celebrates the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas of Myra on December 6. Saint Nicholas of Myra is one of the most popular saints in the world, and most famous as the patron saint of children.

Traditional accounts say that Nicholas grew up as the only son of devoted Christian parents. His mother and father died when he was young, and Nicholas inherited a large fortune. He decided to use this money to help the many people he saw around him who were in need. He also decided to perform these acts of charity quietly, even secretly, and not to brag about them.

Saint Nicholas is an example of kindness and generosity for us today. This year, as we prepare for Christmas, we should remember Nicholas's quiet acts of selfless charity as we give our Christmas gifts.

 Saint Nicholas Prayer Service


Download a Saint Nicholas Day Prayer Service to share with your students on December 6.





Happy Thanksgiving from the Sadlier We Believe Blog


We wish our blog visitors and program users a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the important work that you do each day for young people and the Catholic Church!








A Catechist’s Calendar: December Lesson Preparation Planner


Download this helpful, printable calendar to help you organize your Religious Education course for the month of December. Simply download, print, and customize to your unique needs.



To further help with lesson planning, busy catechists can rely on the Catechist Quick Prep—a two-page resource that provides background, an overview, and a step-by-step planning guide for each lesson of We Believe and Creemos.

Check back at the end of December to download your January calendar!





Staying Connected with Parents eBook


Parents are your partners in your student’s catechesis. Keeping in touch with and communicating effectively with parents throughout your Religious Education program or class will benefit families, children, and catechists alike. We've created an exclusive eBook for catechists with eight suggestions for staying connected with the parents and guardians of young children.

Staying-Connected-eBook Download-Now

Download the Staying Connected with Parents eBook now.







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