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Pope Francis and the New Evangelization: Beyond the Legacies of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI Webinar




Join presenter Reverend Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, S.T.D. as he discusses Pope Francis’ approach to the New Evangelization. From Sadlier’s Professional and Spiritual Development series, the webinar is available in English and in Spanish.






A Summer Scripture Event: Gather In The Garden



Bring your parish community together during the summer for a special seasonal Scripture event: Gather In the Garden. Participants of all ages will explore Genesis 1–2:4, celebrate God's gifts of creation, and discover specific ways we can act as stewards of the gifts of creation.

Download a full set of Gather In the Garden handouts in English or Spanish to use as you implement your parish Scripture event.


download now






Explaining Liturgical Colors Lesson and Activity


Liturgical-ActivityLiturgies celebrated during the different seasons of the liturgical year have distinctive music and specific readings, prayers, and rituals. All of these work together to reflect the spirit of the particular season. The colors of the vestments that the priest wears during the liturgy also help express the character of the mysteries being celebrated.

Download a liturgical colors mini lesson and activity to share with students.


Download Liturgical Colors Mini Lesson & Activity








Catechist Development Article: Using Storytelling with Children


Storytelling-with-ChildrenExplore the importance and benefit of using storytelling to engage and educate children. A helpful Catechist Development article entitled Using Storytelling with Children includes storytelling strategies and suggestions for implementation both in class and at home.

Download the article in English or Spanish.


Download Using Storytelling with Children in English or Spanish







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Helping the Homeless: A Junior High Outreach Event


Catechism-Catholic-Parish-EventFor students in grades 7 and 8, Sadlier’s online Project Disciple feature is a combination retreat and outreach event that actively involves young people in living and celebrating their faith. Homelessness is a life condition that can arise from many different circumstances. This Project Disciple event invites young people to plan and implement an outreach to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. In the process, they will come to better understand the causes of homelessness so that they can help to provide assistance to those who are homeless, as well as advocate on their behalf. The entire event requires two ninety-minute planning sessions, the activity itself, and a ninety-minute reflection session.

Download a special combination retreat and outreach event for junior high school students in English or Spanish.


 Download the full event in English or Spanish!







A Catechist’s Calendar: August Lesson Preparation Planner


Catechist-CalendarDownload this helpful, printable calendar to help you organize your Religious Education course for the month of August. Simply download, print, and customize to your unique needs.

To further help with lesson planning, busy catechists can rely on the Catechist Quick Prep—a two-page resource that provides background, an overview, and a step-by-step planning guide for each lesson of We Believe and Creemos.

Check back at the end of August to download your September calendar!


 Download Your August Lesson Planner!








A Summer Day Prayer Experience



Download this prayer experience for catechists or parents to use with children on a summer day. If possible, have umbrellas on hand to use as props!


Download God's Loving Shade and Protection








Catechist Resource: Summer School for Junior High


Summer-SessionSadlier’s We Live Our Faith program for 7th and 8th graders can be taught in a summer session format ideal for a youth ministry setting. Using the Student and Catechist program materials, each volume can be taught over the course of two weeks with the addition of digital planning guides. (Note that two sessions would most likely need to be scheduled at other time in the year.)

Download sample planning guides for Volume I and Volume II, and access a full menu of Summer School Sessions to plan your summer catechesis!


  Download sample summer school sessions!








Catechist Resource: Using Sadlier’s We Believe as a Summer Edition



We-Believe-SummerSadlier’s We Believe Program can be taught during a two-week summer session using a special summer guide. Printable Summer School Sessions allow parents and catechists to navigate through the program’s Catechist Guide in a condensed, summer-friendly timeframe.

Download a sample guide and access a full menu of Summer School Sessions to plan your summer catechesis!


Download a sample planning guide and  access the full menu of Summer School Sessions!







Family Prayers for Summer Handout



Embrace everyday opportunities to pray with children. Download this bilingual prayer handout, a perfect resource for making time for family prayer during the summer months. This prayer handout is most appropriate for primary age children and their families.


Download Now








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