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Preschool Monthly Newsletters


As each month ends and a new one approaches I get cracking on preparations (and edits) to my monthly newsletters. Do you send newsletters periodically to your parents? If not, here’s why you should and some helpful suggestions to help you get started!


Why send monthly newsletters?

Creating an open line of communication between school and home, teachers and parents, is critical in creating a meaningful school environment for your young learners. Newsletters are one way to ensure parents know what is going on in your classroom and what their cherished ones are up to while they are in your care.


Sending monthly newsletters can and will:

  • Help to clarify any confusion parents may have about the month to come.

  • Lessen the amount of questions you may need to answer by addressing them first.

  • Provide parents with important information regarding curriculum and specific activities that their children will be participating in.

  • Hold you accountable for planning and following through on lessons and activities.

  • Ease your planning from year to year as you save your newsletters and refer back to them each school year.

  • Allow you to show off all the hard work that you do that they don’t get to see each day! That’s a big one!

What to include in your monthly newsletters:

  • Present and explain the purpose and benefits of your monthly project

      • What will we be focusing on and why?

      • Include a few specific lessons/activities you will be doing

      • Books you will read with the children that parents may be able to read at home with them as well

  • Important dates and events (school vacations, early dismissals, classroom parties…)

  • Children’s upcoming birthdays

  • Births of siblings: “Jack is a big brother! Welcome Baby James Smith”

  • Upcoming “Letters of the Week”

  • Upcoming “Stars of the Week”

  • Any other tid-bits. “please remember to send in a change of shoes if your child wears boots on rainy days”

  • A positive tone and upbeat language!


Send home a hard copy by the first of each month (or email it if you’re “green” like me!) and post it on your parent communication board. Be sure to save them so you don’t have to start from scratch each year!



Click here to see my February newsletter! 


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I am first time principal in a preschool and I need help on newsletters , templates of monthly letters, and templates of letters to the yearbook. Thanks
Posted @ Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:55 PM by Monica de la Concha
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